Dafi Set of 5 Vacuum Containers with Electric Pump (Lime)

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For you comfort Dafi brings together set of four bestselling containers. Set consist of containers in sizes from 17 to 91 fl oz. which are ideal for storage of all kind of products and marinating meals. Each set comes with Dafi Electric Pump.
Your food will remain fresh 3 to 5 days longer without being likely to develop aerial bacteria resulting in better taste and aroma.
No more wasted food and money. Dafi Vacuum Containers will enable you to safely and efficiently store your delicious meals.
Highest quality, BPA and BPS free plastic Dafi Vacuum Containers can be safely put in dishwasher, microwave, fridge, and freezer.
Thanks to its aesthetic and visually pleasing design, Dafi Vacuum Containers will perfectly fit into your kitchen.
Studies have proven that Dafi Vacuum Containers are made of highest quality materials not containing any harmful substances making it a completely BPA and BPS free product.
Dafi Set of 5 Vacuum Containers with Electric Pump (Lime)