Get to know Dafi

The owner of Dafi online store is Dafi LLC, an official distributor of Dafi brand in the United States and North America.

Each product available in our store is produced in one of two factories located in Poland. Dafi brand is known for its attention to details and using raw materials of the highest quality. Just couple clicks allows you to purchase our items without leaving your house. What is more, you will find a limited promotions, which are available only in online store.

Our Sales Department and Customer Service are constantly working on improving your shopping experience by making our online store user friendly. Your comfort is our priority.

Four reasons why to shop online:

  • Warranty of quality and originality of products. Each item available in our store was packed by a manufacturer.
  • Quick order realization.
  • Access to limited editions and promotions.
  • Wide range of products.

Why Dafi?

  • We are an European producers with two manufacturing plants located in Poland. The whole production complies with ISO quality standards. We are constantly working on designing new products to fit needs of every customer. Thanks to that Dafi is a worldwide brand present in over 30 countries. Not only we are providing our customers with high quality products, but we are educating them about benefits of drinking water and healthy lifestyle in general. On-site laboratory at the manufacturing plant monitors the productions in order to ensure you each cartridge gives you the same high quality of water. Choose smart choose Dafi!