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Revolutionary Pitchers
An Alkaline UP Water Pitcher will increase pH levels and the negative ORP potential is significantly increased as well. The result? “Intelligent Water” that can help slow down the process of aging and prevent a variety of diseases. Glass is the best choice for storing alkaline water because it minimizes any mineral reactions, which means your water can be stored for much longer periods than you’ll find with other options on the market.
Filtered Sports Water Bottles
What about when you go for walks or to the gym? Having a water bottle that’s sleek and easy to carry will make your outdoor treks and workout times a lot more enjoyable – and better for your body. These are also environmentally friendly: one filter replaces up to 300 16.9 fl oz bottles, which equates to sparing the environment from 30 pounds of plastic waste per year.
Replaceable Filters
Designed a little differently and more uniquely than the water filters you’re used to, Alkaline UP pH water filter cartridges bring about the elevation of pH and negative ORP in the water you’ll drink. Maintaining a proper alkaline-acidic balance in your body means better function of your muscular and digestive systems, disease prevention and a stronger immune system for you and your family.