Borosilicate vs Soda Lime Glass - Which is Better?
Apr 13th 2018

Borosilicate vs Soda Lime Glass - Which is Better?

Nowadays people around the world want to be eco-friendly and save our planet from the harmful effects of industrialization. One of the best and the easiest ways of reducing pollution is recycling waste products. However, some materials are much easier to recycle than others. For example, only 10% of plastic is recycled whereas for glass the percentage is 70% higher. No wonder that people avoid plastic as much as they can and lean more towards glass products. There are many types of glass today and although it might seem like an obvious fact plenty of people are surprised and disappointed when they see anything slightly different from common glass which they use and see every day.

Typically, the most common type of glass is soda-lime glass. It is also known as crown glass, basic form of glass which was originally used for windows. Soda lime glass consists of silicon dioxide, sodium oxide (soda), and calcium oxide (lime). About 90% of all glass used worldwide for kitchenware, tables, windows, mirrors, etc. is soda-lime glass. When considering this fact, it is not surprising that people are mostly used to this type of glass even though it has many flaws to it such as lack of mechanical strength to withstand forces and low resistance to thermal shock.

Another type of glass is called borosilicate glass, consisting of boron oxide and various other elements instead of soda and lime. The main component is still silicon dioxide but boron oxide makes the glass more durable and resistant to extreme temperature changes. This is why it is perfect to use in laboratories and for cookware which is supposed to be suited for frequent changes in temperature without the risk of being shattered into a million pieces. However, borosilicate glass has much wider spectrum of use than just laboratories and cookware. Since it is mechanically stronger and harder than soda-lime glass, it can be easily used for water glasses, water pitchers, etc. Borosilicate glass is also more scratch-resistant so that you can keep your favorite mugs for much longer without the risk of scratching or breaking them! Besides that borosilicate glass is chemically resistant, which leads to products that will be free from chemical contaminants and impurities, letting you enjoy every sip of your favorite beverages!

There are many more types of glass but borosilicate glass deserves the most attention due to its superb functionality and outstanding performance in various situations. So next time before you question the quality of product which looks slightly different than typical soda lime glass, please keep in mind that it may offer you many features which make it superior to common glass. 

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