Dafi LLC at WQA Convention
Apr 10th 2018

Dafi LLC at WQA Convention

Dafi team had an amazing time at the annual Water Quality Association Trade Show in Denver last week! We had the amazing opportunity to expose our high quality, environment friendly and health improving products to industry experts and experienced business owners. We were impressed by the warm welcoming and great reviews we received both from the other participants and company owners.

Water is essential part of human body and it is important to treat your body with the best. Our Alkaline Up water filter/pitcher line does just that! Also the unique Dafi water bottle with attached filter is great way to obtain clean drinking wherever you go!

We were impressed to learn how many things the water can improve in your organism and the trade show inspired us to keep improving our products and better serve the world!

We want to say a big thank you to Denver, the staff of Water Quality Association for organizing this amazing event and of course to Daniel Chmielewski, Uldis Gaismins and Lukasz Chmielewski, who proudly represented Dafi during the show. We can’t wait to visit the event again next year in Las Vegas!

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