Plastic – one thing it is nearly impossible to live without for a day.
Mar 13th 2018

Plastic – one thing it is nearly impossible to live without for a day.

Environment protection, pollution and waste disposal subjects are being reported on media more and more often and even people like myself, who at first were trying to avoid them are joining the conversation. Reasons for that are clear. Climate of the world we live in is changing and it is nearly impossible not to spot those changes. However, fewer people pay attention to another important issue, which is amount of un-recyclable waste we are creating.

Recent articles indicate that people approximately buy around million plastic bottles per minute, out of which more than 9 out of 10 are thrown away and never used again. The number is simply impossible to imagine when we do some basic math. During one work week people use and throw away more than 9 trillion of plastic bottles. Not surprisingly we struggle to find enough space to accumulate such an enormous amount of waste. Nonetheless, if we take a step back for a second and reflect how each of us contributes to the amount of plastic waste numbers start to make sense.

To start there is a really simple question of how many half empty water bottles do we carry in our cars? Currently in the US you can buy a 24-pack of 17 fl oz. bottles of water for less than 4 dollars. Bottled water became so cheap that people start to forget what happens, with each bottle after you drink half of the water and throw it to the back seat of your car just to throw it away a month later. Maybe next time instead of loading up with bottled water you will dig deeper to find some more eco-friendly alternatives.

What is more, plastic waste does not only cause problem inland. More and more often we hear about the pollution of the oceans. Recent studies showed that by 2050 there will be more plastic by kilo than fish in the oceans. What is more, according to the study by Plymouth University on-third of all fishes caught in Britain last year contained tiny bits of plastic.

However, currently as those problems become more and more popular there are some interesting alternatives and solutions when it comes to plastic waste. The easiest way to eliminate vast portion of plastic waste starts with drinking water. There are countless alternatives to bottled water available on the market right now. One of them are Dafi Water Filtration Systems. By offering vast options of water pitchers and filtered water bottles Dafi hopes to increase awareness of plastic waste and decrease amount of water bottles thrown away in order to preserve and save the environment for future generations.

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