Proper Amount of water to drink before, during and after a workout.
Mar 18th 2019

Proper Amount of water to drink before, during and after a workout.

Staying properly hydrated before, during and after a workout is an essential part of a successful workout. To maintain the highest athletic performance, it is crucial your body does not become dehydrated. It is important to be aware of some common dangerous warning signs of dehydration such as becoming dizzy, getting muscle cramps, or becoming weak or lethargic. On the contrary if you are properly hydrated the body will assist the heart in pumping the blood throughout your body, will lubricate muscles by pushing oxygen and nutrients to assist with maintaining energy levels for the best workout and recovery.

Dafi has made it easy, affordable and has eliminated the plastic bottle waste for you.

Each man, woman and child have different levels to stay well hydrated, so if you follow these easy steps it will be a great building block to maintain a happy, healthy and hydrated body.

  • 1 to 2 hours before a workout drink your personally selected Dafi water bottle. Refill.
  • 15 minutes before you begin your work out enjoy your fresh filtered Dafi water bottle. Refill.
  • During your workout sip your Dafi water bottle to maintain steady hydration. Refill.
  • Lastly, slowly hydrate with a refill of your Dafi filtered water bottle.

One personally selected Dafi Water Bottle results in multiple refills with no horrible plastic bottle waste. Drinking water to stay hydrated will improve your performance, maintain constant hydration and you will be amazed on how happy, healthy and hydrated you will feel.

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