Not sure how to replace your filtering cartridge? Here is a short clip explaining in 5 steps how to exchange your cartridge and enjoy a fresh Dafi Water!



Step 1

Place the replacement filter in the special tank for tap water and gently push the end into funnel.

Step 2

Replace the cover, initially inserting the front portion of the lid on the pitcher, then rear portion.

Step 3

Before the first use, filter the tap water twice and pour it out. This is done to vent the filter and remove micro-particles of activated carbon that may have been removed from the inside the filter. This water can be used for for watering flowers. 

Step 4

Finally, set the filter change reminder. Use the indicator on the pitcher lid. If you have a manual indicator, set the cursor on the date of the month from the first use of the new filter. If you have a pitcher with an LED indicator, hold the button on the lid until the LED flashes blue, from this point on it will countdown one month. A yellow light means you need to prepare to replace the filter. After 30 days, the LED turns red and your Dafi filter must be replaced.