Alkaline Watermelon Cocktail
Feb 13th 2018

Alkaline Watermelon Cocktail


  • 4 cups of alkaline water
  • ½ of seedless watermelon
  • Lime juice
  • 8 mint leaves


Are you looking for new ways to re-charge your batteries during the day? Now Dafi has solution for you! Follow few easy steps and enjoy your own Alkaline Watermelon Cocktail. Start by cutting a lime and squeeze it to pitcher. Next cut watermelon in small pieces and add to lime juice in the pitcher. Lastly, add handful of mint leaves and set cocktail into fridge to chill. 

Did you know?

Watermelon has enormous amount of health benefits for your organism. To begin with it is a great way to stay hydrated during the day, but additionally mixed up with alkaline water enriches your body in antioxidants. What is more, watermelon helps prevent muscle degeneration, relieve muscle soreness and improve skin and hair. Mint is widely now for its calming effects.