Nov 30th 2020 | Posted by Author: Shifa Jiwani


This post was done in partnership with Dafi. As always, all reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view. 

New Year’s is around the corner and that means resolutions. One resolution that’s always at the top of my list every year is to drink more water. I always say I’ll do better but each year, I stop keeping track of my goals. Luckily, Dafi products make life so much easier when it comes to keeping that resolution on track. Check out three of their products below which would make great gifts for anyone in your life! 

Dafi Crystal Glass Filtering Water Pitcher

The Dafi Water Pitcher is an amazing find! It’s the highest quality glass water pitcher AND it’s shatter-proof, scratch, impact, and stain-resistant! It has an LED sensor on the top which tells you when the filter needs to be changed which is really helpful. In college, having any Brita or water pitcher was such a luxury because no one wanted to drink tap water. Mine was nowhere near as nice as this Dafi one - think of it as the BMW of the water pitcher world.

This Dafi Water Pitcher and the alkaline water filter that comes along with it are an alternative to bottled water. Fun fact: only one small Dafi Alkaline UP Water Filter cartridge can replace up to 80 regular half-gallon water bottles saving 11 ounces of plastic waste which is a great way to help the environment and save money! Talk about a win-win. Purchasing this pitcher for someone in your life is a great way to help him or her get a kick start on their new year’s resolution of drinking more water (this should be EVERYONE’S new year resolution)! Shop it here!

 Dafi’s Stainless Steel Thermal Water Bottle 

I hate bottles that don’t keep my water cold. It’s honestly one of my pet peeves! Luckily, Dafi’s Stainless Steel Thermal Water Bottle keeps my water cold in every season and in the winter season, it’ll keep coffee or hot chocolate actually hot. Gotta love it. This water bottle is 100% BPA free and doesn’t have any odor which is a plus. It’s a great gift for college students in your life because they always forget to drink water (I speak from experience). And, they always carry a water bottle to class or nowadays, Zoom University. This water bottle comes in so many different colors so take your pick here!

Dafi Vacuum Bottle Sealer and Stoppers

The Dafi vacuum bottle sealer and stoppers are great gifts for wine lovers in your life or those who love to cook. They’re so useful in the kitchen especially when cooking with oils and wines. Most bottles come with a cork or stopper that usually have to be thrown away or shouldn’t be reused. This is where the Dafi stoppers come in. Their three universal sizes fit almost any bottle you could think of. It’s also so easy to use and honestly kind of cool! This gadget also helps to extend freshness and the natural taste and aroma of your favorite drinks! Shop it here!

I hope you found this short but sweet gift guide helpful! Stay tuned for a more in depth one - leave any recommendations for gifts below or DM me on Instagram (always happy to hear from you)!

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