Vitamin Cucumber-Lemon Water
Jan 30th 2018

Vitamin Cucumber-Lemon Water


  • 4 cups of alkaline water
  • ½ of cucumber
  • ½ of lemon
  • 5 mint leaves


Are you struggling with balancing enough amount of vitamin and minerals in your daily diet? Dafi has a simply solution with a refreshing beverage based on alkaline water. Start by slicing half of a cucumber in small pieces and adding them to carafe with alkaline water from Dafi. Later squeeze ½ of lemon to the carafe. Lastly add a handful of mint leaves for better taste and mix everything together. Your vitamin cucumber-lemon water is ready to drink on the spot. 

Did you know?

Cucumbers are an excellent source of vitamin K, which plays an important role in transforming calcium in your body. Additionally, cucumbers have a profound effects on your skin by rejuvenating skin cells and accelerating their recovery. Lemons are not only a great source of vitamin C, but provide you with a full vitamin rainbow. What is more lemons are rich in minerals such as copper, iron and magnesium. Now improve your daily diet by refreshing cucumber-lemon water based on Dafi Alkaline UP water.